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All About Hair Extensions

Tara has been doing hair extensions for over 20 years. She's certified in hand tied weft hair extensions, IBE extensions, NBR, beaded weft, Bellami, I-Tip, tape in, and more. On top of her expertise in hair extensions, she's also the color goddess. She's highly skilled in blonde and red hair color, plus balayage, and all other hair color needs. Read on to learn more about what hair extensions are best for your hair type and lifestyle. 

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are the go-to hair extensions for most experts in the industry, including your Extension Goddess. They're the most realistic looking hair extensions. They're the most versatile, best quality, and longest lasting hair extensions. 

NBR Hair Extension

Natural Beaded Row extensions can look very natural and lay very flat. They can go up high on the head, so they're great for anyone who has a short crown area. The cons are that they tend to cause more hair loss on those with fragile hair. So, move ups are needed more frequently and can get more costly.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip extensions are great for those new to hair extensions. They're good for increasing fullness or adding a fun fashion color in one area. They're less expensive than hand-tied or weft extensions. The cons are that they're difficult to blend without cutting your natural hair and they're hard to hide when wearing a pony tail.

IBE Hair Extensions

Invisible Bead Method extensions are great for wearing your hair up and looking natural in a pony tail. The cons are if you have really fine hair and sandwiching the weft (the hidden the bead) can put extra stress on the hair. So move ups need to be more frequent to avoid damage to your hair. 

Bellami Hair Extensions

Bellami extensions are great for anyone with fine hair. We can do mini move ups. This is a great option for anyone trying to regrow their hair, length and density. The cons are the beads can be exposed if you wear you hair in a pony tail.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are good for people who workout a lot because they can be washed more often. They can go a little longer between move ups. With the proper tape, they can be gentle on your hair. They are also comfortable to sleep in. The cons are the move up process can be more expensive and take longer than weft extensive and it can damage your hair if you use the wrong tape. It's also difficult to hide in a pony tail. 

Marble Surface

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best hair extensions?
    Everyone hates this answer, but it really does depend on your needs and preferences. The most popular and most recommended right now is hand-tied weft and hybrid weft extensions. But Tara will always sit down with you for a free consultation to ask questions and get to you know your lifestyle before committing you to a certain type of hair extensions. Do you workout a lot? Do you wear your hair in a pony tail often? How thick/thin is your hair? How long is your hair? What are your longterm hair goals?
  • How often do I need to have hair extensions maintained?
    Between 4 and 8 weeks. 4 weeks is if you need a new move up if your is finer and more susceptible to breakage. 8 weeks if you’re on more of a budget, have stronger hair, or if your hair doesn’t grow very fast.
  • What do I need to know about hair extensions as a beginner?
    The most important thing to understand if you're new to hair extensions or thinking of getting them is that you must commit to in-salon and at-home maintenance. At-home maintenance involves using correct products, not going to bed with wet hair, and keeping in salon appointments. Tara will go over the rest of the at-home maintenance at your first salon appointment. Something else to keep in mind if you're thinking about getting extensions for the first time is that you truly get what you pay for when it comes to hair extensions. Do your research. Bigger salons are known for stylists who are fresh out of school and they are learning on your hair. Your hair can be damaged for a long time if hair extensions are installed improperly. It’s also important to know that you don’t have to have extensions for life, but it is an investment. If you’re not able to maintain them, I wouldn’t recommend them.
  • How often do I wash hair extensions?
    It depends on the type of hair extensions. Tape extensions can be washed 3 times a week. Hand tied or weft extensions should be washed less, only once a week. But you can still wash your own hair above the extensions in between that. Don't worry, your stylist will also cover how best to do this in the salon before sending you on your way.
  • Do hair extensions hurt?
    If they’re installed incorrectly, they can. Or if you have a sensitive scalp, they can be uncomfortable. But they should never be unbearable. They can be uncomfortable the first day or two for anyone. But they loosen up after that.
  • How long do I need to wait to wash my hair after getting it professionally colored?
    Wait 48 hours to wash to allow the color to fully set. Fashion colors are important to wash less and to use little or low heat settings when styling, including blow drying. Cooler temperatures are important with those colors as well to help with longevity. Fashion colors are brighter, including red heads semi and Demi permanent colors. The hair will fade or dull sooner with washing and heat.
  • What are fashion colors?
    Fashion colors are semi permanent bright neon or pastel colors. Basically, colors that you wouldn't see naturally.
  • What are Semi and Demi permanent colors?
    Semi and Demi are semi permanent usually non ammonia colors that strictly deposit non lifting like a toner. So, they will either fully fade over time or Demi will fade but not completely come out.
  • Should I air dry or blow dry my hair to keep it healthy?
    New studies show blow drying your hair completely is recommended over air drying. You can partially air dry but the cuticle is actually more susceptible to breakage when wet moving into the dry phase. So, finishing off with blow drying will smooth the cuticle down as well making it stronger and less frizzy.
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Ellen H.

Tara is a true master at her craft. She puts so much care and attention into every cut making sure that it’s perfect and exactly how you want it. My hair is really thick and she was able to get rid of the weight and add movement without sacrificing volume. If you’re looking for a new stylist, you’ll be in great hands with Tara!

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